Randle Highlands Elementary School
"Where Excellence is Expected"
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Randle Highlands
Elementary School
Grades PreK3-5
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Mission and Vision

" Where Excellence is Expected"

Randle Highlands Elementary School represents a partnership of students, faculty and administrators who are united in their commitment to common objectives. Collectively we work to be a positive force in the community that inspires and prepares all students to become contributing and productive members of society. Through a rigorous blended learning program, students achieve measurable successes in their academic endeavors. Dedicated and motivated learners engage in hands-on, student-led experiences that are applicable to the global community. Our staff is dedicated to fostering a culture that addresses each child's unique learning style through targeted instruction, community partnerships, school-based initiatives and parental involvement.
Upcoming Events
RHES would like to share their calendar of events. Please join when you can!
  1. 0
    September 4
    No School/Labor Day!
    All Day
  2. 1
    September 5
    Joyful Food Market open! Families, please come by and pick up bags of fresh fruits and vegetables. While you are here stop by the chefs table.
    Tuesday 3:00-5:00
  3. 5
    October 9
    No School!
    All day
  4. 7
    October 11
    No School!
    All Day
  5. 6
    October 10
    No School
    All Day
  6. 8
    October 12
    No School
    All Day
  7. 9
    October 13
    No School
    All Day
  8. 10
    October 27
    No School / End of Term
    All Day
  9. 3
    September 21
    PARCC celebration grades 3-5
    Friday 2:30-3:15
  10. 4
    September 22
    Teacher PD/ No school for students
    All day
  11. 2
    September 19
    Back to School Night